Margaret Sullivan is an educator, researcher and writer who communicates in many arenas - as a copywriter, an academic in higher education, and as an author in the popular culture of three books. Her research interests are in stigma (see the text, On the Stigma of Mental Illness, American Psychological Association), music consumption, where she has published internationally and presented papers in ten countries, and gay male body image. 

Margaret Sullivan taught at Columbia College Chicago from 1978 to 2016, and authored a significant portion of the curriculum in the Marketing Communication Department. Sullivan created and managed one of the first sequences for the Semester in LA marketing in media program. Sullivan chaired the Marketing Communication Department from 1997 until 2012. Under her leadership, the department grew their enrollment four times from approximately 200 to 800 students. 

Among her entrepreneurial and arts based initiatives, Sullivan founded the Summer Arts Camp at Columbia College Chicago. This was the city's first all day all arts camp which became a model for camps in the city, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Children's program.

Sullivan also created the student based publication, "The Journal of Need and Want," and acted as Editor in Chief. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Psychology and Communication Arts from Loyola University and a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago

Margaret Sullivan




M.F.A. Creative Writing, Columbia College Chicago, 2006

B.A. Social Psychology and Communication, Loyola University Chicago,1976



1986-2016 Associate Professor

Columbia College Chicago, Department of Marketing Communication


1982-1985 Full Time Faculty, Advertising Department

Columbia College Chicago


1978-1982 Adjunct Faculty, Journalism Department

Columbia College Chicago



1997-2012 Chairperson

Columbia College Chicago, Department of Marketing Communication


1985-1997 Director of Advertising Studies

Columbia College Chicago, Department of Marketing Communication


1993-2016 Founder and Artistic Director

The Summer Arts Camp at Columbia College Chicago


2005-2007 Founding Director, The UnSchool

A children’s after school improvisation program at the Second City Chicago.


2009-2016 Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Need and Want, Life in the Consumer World




2017 Chicago School of Poetics,

Deconstruction of Poetry.


2017 California College of the Arts

Marketing Insight Studio. 


2007-Present University of Chicago Graduate School of Anthropology,

The Anthropology of Disability. 


2013 Chicago Kent Law School

Advanced Writing and Research for Litigators.


2007 Robert Gordon University

Compliance Theory. 


Columbia College Chicago

2009 Interdisciplinary Arts

2008 Fiction Writing

2006 Graduate School of Journalism

1980-1992 Dance Movement Therapy



1976 - Present Freelance Copywriter & Marketing Consultant 

Clients include: Bloomingdale’s, Armstrong Flutes and Woodwinds, US Soil, Streams Interactive Multi-Media, The Dave Skwarczek Midnight Show, the Center 

for Black Music Research at Columbia College Chicago, the Chicago Jazz Ensemble

1984-1978 Assistant Director for Script and Continuity, FilmChicago

1976-1978 Assistant Reference Librarian, Loyola University Chicago



2012-2016 Editor and Producer, Stroke Folks Newsletter

The Chicago Heart Association

1974-1977 Assistant to the Founder

Chicago International Film Festival



2010-Present Editorial consultant for the Journal of Retailing and Sales Services.

2010 Marketing consultant to No Health Without Mental Health, San Francisco, California.

External faculty advisor to PH.D and MBA students at Columbia University, University of Chicago, California College of the Arts and more.

2005 - Present Faculty advisor to Re: Design, University of Chicago Students Interested in Advertising.

2002-2009 Member and contributor to the Chicago Consortium for Stigma Research Bulletin.

1990-1997 Founder and faculty advisor, American Advertising Federation.

1991 Founder and faculty advisor, Students in Free Enterprise.

1987-1989 Board Member, Marketing Committee, Randolph Street Gallery.

1988-1990 Board Member, Marketing Committee, White Walls Literary Journal.





On the Stigma of Mental Illness: Implications for Research and Social Change. The American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, 2004. Chapter 13: “Changing Stigma Through the Media” (along with Thomas Hamilton and Herbert Allen)



The Date Book. Chicago Review Press, Chicago, 1995.( along with Jodi Lennon)

Cook As I Say, Not As I Do. Chicago Review Press, Chicago, 1995.

Kitchen Angst. Chicago Review Press, Chicago, 1993.



The Good Karma Divorce. Random House, 2009, ghostwriter for Judge Michelle Lowrance. 

Are the Drug Companies Affecting Stigma in Their Ad Campaigns?Chicago Consortium for Stigma Research, Bulletin, Summer, 2003.

Two Painless Exercises for Building Department Identity.

Academic Leader, January, 2003.

The Tale of Alimona, Inkstains, (literary journal), in press

The Very Familiar Story of Aphrodite, The Summer Arts Camp at Columbia College, 2002

The Very Familiar Story of Persephone, The Summer Arts Camp at Columbia College, 2002

Heartland Journal, Ghost Factory, No Touching, DeRailed, Black and White, Farm and other small press journals. 

Industrial Poetry of Margaret Sullivan, exhibit built for Rizzoli Books, Chicago, 1979 (along with designer Jeff Lederman)



Record Shop or Historic Landmark. European Institute for Retailing Sales and Services, EIRASS, Edinburgh, Scotland 2016.

Renegade music consumption: the Influence of Pandora and Spotify on Audience Interests and Attitudes. European Institute for Retailing Sales and Services, EIRASS, Philadelphia, PA, July, 2013.

A Summary of Fifteen Studies to Examine the Growing Market for Vinyl Records. European Institute for Retailing Sales and Services, EIRASS, Vienna, Austria, 2012.

A Comparative Study of Meaning in Text and Image in Musical Recordings. EIRASS, San Diego, California, 2011.

The Man Behind the Profile: Self Documentation and Identity. Twentieth Annual Conference on Men and Masculinities, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2012.

The Man Behind the Image: Self Documentation and Identity. Second Biannual Irish Sexuality Studies Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2012.

Collective Consumption: A curious case of vinyl record resurrection. 1st International Colloquium on Global Design and Marketing, Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK, December 2011.

Evaluating Body Image Disparity among Gay and Straight Men. International Journal of the Humanities, v.8, no.6, 2010.

Undressing the Ken Doll: Body Image in Gay Media Today. Genero e Culturas Mediaticas/ Gender and Media Cultures, January, 2010.

The Man in the Mirror: Media, Superbodies and Self Image. Second International Texts of Body Conference, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 2010.

Pumped Up; Male Body Self Concept and Media Today: a “Gay Thing” or a Societal Mirror?: Eighth International Humanities Conference, UCLA, California, 2010.

Male Body Imagery in Gay Media. Media and the Public Sphere, Coimbra, Portugal, 2009.

Undressing the Ken Doll. International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, 2009.

Consumption or Addiction: a Cross National Deprivation Study into iPod Use and Addiction. EIRASS Annual Conference, Niagara Falls, Canada, July, 2009. (Paper later published in the International Journal of Marketing, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

Creative Methodologies for Exploring the Culture of Music Consumption. EIRASS, San Francisco, July, 2007.

Approaches to Teaching Content Analysis of Mass Communication Imagery. European League of Institutes of the Arts, Brighton, UK, July, 2007.

Creative Methodologies for Exploring the Culture of Retail Environments. Dublin Institute of Technology / Columbia College Chicago Symposium, Chicago, October, 2006 and Dublin, March, 2007.

The Enduring Target Audience for Vinyl Records. EIRASS, Budapest, Hungary, July, 2006.

Warholism and the Vinyl Record. EIRASS, Prague, Czech Republic, July, 2004.

An Experiment in E Commerce Education. International Association for the Development of Information Society, Algarve, Portugal, November, 


When the Brand is a Band, Part Two. EIRASS, Portland, Oregon, August, 2003.

When the Brand is a Band. EIRASS, Heidelberg, Germany, August, 2002.

E Commerce Meets the Poetry Major, or Guerilla Marketing for Poets. EIRASS, Vancouver, British Columbia, August, 2001.

Metaphysical Themes in Advertising. EIRASS, Sintra, Portugal, July 2000.



Preparing Your Marketing Toolkit. Illinois Special Events Association Conference, March, 2007.

Interpreting Stigma around Persons with Blindness in the Media. Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind Annual Conference, November, 2006.

Generational Differences in Understanding the Financial Target Markets. MGIC Conference for Financial Advisors, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September, 2006.

Generational Differences and Library Service. Keynote speech to the Specialty Librarians Association Annual Meeting, February, 2005.

A Template for Designing an Ideal One-Day Faculty Retreat. Academic Leader, December, 2004.

Story in the Professions. (member of a panel presentation) Story Week Festival of Writers, Columbia College Chicago, April, 2004.

Branding Psychiatry: Confronting the Stigma of Mental Illness in the Media. Chicago Bar Association Mental Health Law Committee, March, 2004.

Media Representation of Mental Illness in Film. Chicago Consortium for Stigma Research, March, 2004.

Marketing for Small Theaters. League of Chicago Theaters, 1997.

Packing Your Marketing Toolkit. Arts and Business Council of Chicago, 1996.



Ad Autopsy. A fortnightly critical analysis of themed commercials in a theater setting with leading industry panel members from advertising and film criticism, created, hosted and curated since 2009

Buy One Get One Free. Writer, one act play, Breadline Theater, Chicago, Summer, 2006

24 Hour New Plays Festival. Winner, Columbia College Theater Department 2005, 2006 and 2007




Semester in LA: 

12 hours in Entertainment Marketing and Publicity, 2002 (with Henri Bollinger)

Minor in Electronic Commerce, 1999

Minor in Marketing Communication, 1998

Concentration in Creative Sports Marketing, 1998

Internship Program, charter director, 1985



Marketing Case Workshop

Semiotics for Creators of Popular Culture

AdCult: Psychological Aspects of Advertising, later Consumer Behavior

Advertising Copywriting I

Advertising Workshop

Advertising Campaigns and Case Studies

Advertising Planning and Implementation

Introduction to Advertising



Collaborative Consumption

One hour Topics In Marketing, Topics in Advertising, Topics in PR

Discrimination, Stereotyping and Stigma in Advertising

Introduction to Sports Marketing

Legal Aspects of Sports Marketing

E Commerce Workshop

Ad Campaign Practicum

Portfolio Development

Copywriter/Art Director Team

Psychology of Advertising later renamed Consumer Behavior



Head writer and manager of Columbia College’s Prioritization plan for Marketing Communication—eleven reports submitted, 2012

Provost Appointee, Tenure revision task force, 2010-2011

Provost Appointee, Task force to reinvent High School Summer Institute, 2010-2011

Provost Appointee, head writer and team chair to earn accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, 2010

Member, School of Media Arts Curriculum Committee, 2009-2011

Producer, Fundraiser and Curator, Real Men and Women of Madison Avenue, on loan to Chicago from The One Club and the New York Public Library, 2010

Founder and Director, Ad Autopsy, a bi-monthly event attended monthly by more than 300 students, alumni and industry leaders since 2010

Chair, Academic Affairs Committee, 2007

Group Chair, NCA Self Study Team, 2007

Provost appointed team to examine rank, 2006-2007

Provost appointed mentor to Art of Leadership training for faculty, 2006-2007

Provost appointed team to pilot a new system of advising for students, 2006-2007

Chair representative to Academic Affairs Committee, 2006-2007

Chair representative to the College Council, 2006-2007

Provost appointed team member to negotiate contract for the union of part time faculty, 2004-2005

All college retreat, 2005, panel presentation: Marketing Yourself

School of Media Arts Curriculum Committee, 2004-05

Dean’s Committee for the faculty retreat, 2004

Chair representative, Faculty and Board Liaison, 2002-2004

President’s appointee, College Branding Committee, 2003-2004

Chair, Dean Search Committee, 2002-2003

Chair, Council of Chairpersons, 2001-2002

Vice President, College Council, 2000-2001

President College Council (two terms) 1999-2000 and 1998-1999

Chair, Executive Committee, College Council 1998-2000

Vice Chair, Executive Committee, College Council, 2000-2001

President’s Cabinet, 2001-2002

Vision 2010, President’s Committee for Strategic Planning, 2001-2002

All College Tenure Committee, 1997-1998 and 1998-1999

NCA Self Study Task Force, 1997

All College Curriculum Committee, 1996-1998

Faculty Liaison to the Board, 1996

Faculty Handbook Committee, 1995

Vice President’s Task Force on Entrepreneurship, 1995

Vice President, Columbia College Faculty Organization, 1992-1994

John Fischietti Scholarship Committee, 1984-1990



Certificate and invited member to the Society for Conceptual Logistics for Communication Research, sponsored by Fort Hays University and the University of Illinois, 2013

American Graphic Design Award (as copywriter and creative director) for the Journal of Need and Want, 2011

Platinum Marketing Communication Creative Award (as copywriter and creative director) in the collateral category for “My Education” from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, 2008

American Graphic Design Award for “My Education” Graphic Design USA, 2008

Marketing Research Association, 2007 (new scholarship)

Shelley Rosen Award, 2006-2007 (new scholarship)

Patricia McCarty Award, 2003 (new scholarship)

Certificate in The Art of Leadership, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, 2005

Certificate in Human Participant Protection Education for Research Teams, National Institute of Health, 2004

Maurice R. and Meta G. Gross Foundation Grant for the Summer Arts Camp, 2004-06

Illinois Arts Council Grants for the Summer Arts Camp, 2003 and 2004

Juror: Skyline Awards, Chicago Southland Convention and Visitors Bureau 2003-2007

Juror: Commonwealth Edison Energy Advertising Awards, 2004

Juror: Eagle Awards for Excellence in Financial Advertising, 2003 and 2004

Chief Financial Officer’s Cost Incentive Prize, 2002 and 2003